Our new virtual friend: Brainy.T has arrived.

Our new virtual friend: Brainy.T has arrived.
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Brand characters can boost our academic content to a whole new level. But it’s crucial to choose the right one and implement it correctly in your content strategy.

We’ll dive deep into the srtudent´s mind and explore some of the best examples of mascots and their use in our content.

Thatt´s why we decide to create to Brainy. T. Thanks to the Internet and social media, mascots are gaining great popularity today. They can make your brand and content more attractive and engaging.

Fictional brand characters are like celebrities, they can boost your marketing and influence people. Interestingly, some even argue that fictional characters could be more influential than real-life celebrities.

Brainy.T will be sharing all the learning tips, suggestions, curiosities and myths about english learning process for all the CEI community.

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